How do i find the exercise i enjoy?

Lindsey Vonn's 5 steps to finding a workout you really like Make a list of all the possible activities that you think you could ever enjoy. Try at least one new workout for 20 minutes each week. If you give something 5 stars out of 10, try again next week. Nowadays, with wireless headphones, it's quite easy to exercise and listen to music or podcasts, which can provide entertainment, distraction and keep you from getting bored.

We work with A LOT of Coaching clients to take them outdoors and help them create “fun climbing programs that burn tons of calories, but don't really feel like exercising.” This change in mentality by thinking of my daily activities as exercise helps me to exercise easily. If you feel like you're suffering from the latter, there are resources that can help you heal and adopt exercise in a new and positive way. While some are like Odie and love to run around the clock, others are like Garfield and feel that they must be allergic to exercise. Since exercising has become a much bigger task in recent years, and now it's simply something that I feel like I need to do rather than want to do, I decided to seek advice to rekindle my fondness for exercising.

This is ideal for working out in your apartment, for a fun date night or a night out with the kids, and for playing True American. It can also seem like an exhausting and useless punishment, depending on the exercises you're actually doing.

Exercise helps your heart to strengthen, can help build muscles, usually causes you to leave the house and absorb vitamin D, and provides a litany of other health benefits.


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